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Are we living in an Autism Epidemic or an Epidemic of Knowledge?”


Welcome to the Epidemic of Knowledge website and  thank you for stopping by!


The Epidemic of knowledge is a documentary showing my journey of diagnosis.  It has been an experience full of positives and negatives, but on this journey I found the real negatives were the misunderstandings and stigmas faced by society as a whole.   Not Autism itself, although yes that is a daily challenge. The positives were the path of self acceptance and being able to understand how to navigate a healthier life with meaningful support and  knowledge.


In using the term ASD is in no way suggesting that the documentary or anyone involved considers Autistic people "disordered " but it does raise a valid reality that for many of us Autism is a disability, for some of us its a condition.


I can't talk about other peoples experiences but from a personal level I feel that some days Aspergers to me, is a condition, but some days a real disability, it depends on the environment and situation at the time.  We are neither victims nor heroes of our circumstances, as people or as parents.  Some believe Autism is a gift, some believe it anything but.   We don't have to agree to be kind to one another and there is very little point imagining "what if " but a vast reason to think "what can I do to support ?"   The raising rates of Autism are often up for dissection but I see clearly  that  for every diagnosis  it means one less person navigating life undiagnosed.   One less person who is now in a better situation to be supported.  The Autism Epidemic, as we hear in media,  may well be an Epidemic of Knowledge of the Autism Spectrum as a whole that in turn, has ensured all those who need a diagnosis or need support can ACCESS just that.


This website was created in ORDER that if anyone who felt helped by documentary could have a port of call for further information or contact , and extra information, I hope you enjoy it ,


Take care ,


 Olley Edwards x


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